Dolly Parton Invests Her Massive Profits In Buying An Office

Dolly Parton

It was a huge success for Dolly Parton in the year 1992. The year saw the sales of her song soar high. This happened after Whitney Houston used the tune of one of her songs in her movie. The song used was ” I will always love you” in ” The Bodyguard”. This version of the song went on to become the biggest hits of the time. 

Dolly Parton Made A Handsome Profit From Royalty

Parton was the writer of the famous song ” I will always love you”. This song was initially not very famous. It was first released in 1970. However, the tune was later used by Whitney Houston in the movie “The Bodyguard”. This skyrocketed the popularity of the song in 1992. A huge chunk of money was received by Parton as royalty. She used this money to buy her office

This also secured Parton of a handsome income in royalties. In a recent interview, Dolly was asked about how she spent the money. She stated that she bought an office. The office was located in a community mostly occupied by black people. She said that the locality was surrounded by black families. Dolly thought it to be a perfect place for her office to be in. She was benefited by Houston, who was also black. Parton saw this as an opportunity to pay tribute to Houston. 

Parton expressed her desire to perform a collaboration with Whitney. She stated that she was not yet offered to perform the song with Houston. However, she was very much keen on the collaboration sometime soon. Dolly also joked about the fact how Whitney had a superior voice. She said that she would have been suppressed by the magical voice of Whitney. 

Dolly Parton made a staggering $10m from the royalty money. Dolly Parton has had a huge profit as royalty. 

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