Nancy Mace Issued Her Statement On Various Claims Of AOC

Nancy Mace
Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace, the representative, gave a statement concerning the politician from the Democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC). This came following the criticism of the Republican politicians done by her,  with regard to the violent riot that broke out in the US Capitol building.

In a video that came out last month, AOC stated that she thought she would get killed in the riot. She mentioned that had a close encounter with the rioters. Replying to her statement, Nancy Mace accused her of not speaking the truth. She added that the rioters could not be seen anywhere near the building where her office is.

Nancy Mace Deals In “Reality”

Nancy Mace gave a long statement where she attacked AOC for not being truthful enough. She said that, unlike her, she is someone who speaks the truth. There was no one from the group of the insurrectionists anywhere near the Cannon Office Building. It is to be noted that the office of the representative of the congressional district of South Carolina is not very far from that of AOC. She stated that people needed to be told the truth and not exaggerated versions of experiences.

Nancy Mace also added that this was not the first time AOC had tried to politicize every issue of hers. Earlier, the representative from the congressional district of Ney York has shared some horrific incidents that she went through on the day of the riot. She had made the mention of a police officer, who, according to her, could not be trusted.

Since the incident, AOC has not stopped criticizing Senator Ted Cruz for inciting the Capitol riot. She also accused him of almost murdering her. Nancy Mace, referring to this statement, said that America had too much to care of at the moment. She went on to mention a few problems, the real ones, the country was going through.

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