Tom Hardy Featured In Latest Venom Trailer

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy was spotted in the latest trailer of Venom. The trailer revealed the big casts of the film. Hardy & Woody Harrelson are hinted to take shots at one another in the film. The film is directed by Andy Serkis. The latest film is speculated to be the sequel of the film released in 2018. This film was a massive hit. It grossed an income of $800m. 

Tom Hardy All Set For Venom

The trailer of the latest film of the Venom franchise has been dropped. The title of the film is “Venom: Let there be carnage”. The film is starring Tom Hardy & Woody Harrelson. Other significant mentions are Michelle Williams & Naomi Harris. Williams is making a comeback to the series. Harris is scheduled to portray Shriek, who is the romantic interest of Carnage.

Hardy was credited for the story after months of hard work and effort. The media has a very high hope from the actor. The Empire Magazine assured the fans that Tom would provide a spectacular show. They stated that Hardy was the perfect fit for Venom. He was so much invested in it that it was bound to reap rich dividends. 

Kelly Marcel revealed that Tom had done a wonderful job. He spoke about their sessions on Facetime discussing the plot. The insights provided by Hardy benefitted a lot in knitting a compact storyline. 

Serkis will be directing the fourth film of his career. He is regarded as one of the greatest when it comes to CGI. His works ” King Kong”, “The Lord Of The Rings” demanded special applause. 

The initial movie of Venom was criticized for its poor graphics. The onus is now on Serkis to cast his magic. His smooth transitions are bound to make the CGIs look lifelike. The Tom Hardy starer movie is scheduled for release on 24th September.