Kathy Griffin Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She broke the news of her physical condition earlier on Monday. According to her statements, she has undergone surgery. Her left lung has been operated and half of it needed to be removed. More details on her condition are below.

Kathy Griffin Has Cancer Despite Being A Non-Smoker

It was quite a shocker from the fans when Kathy revealed her cancer. She confirmed being diagnosed with lung cancer. However, she did not smoke a single cigarette in her life. As soon as the news of her surgery was revealed, fans from all over the world started praying. 

The good news was finally delivered by her representative. The surgery was successful and Kathy was reported to be recovering. The cancer was reported to be in its initial stages. Doctors were very much positive about a cure. They believed that the chances of Kathy getting fully cured were very high. 

Reports stated that no more radiation or chemotherapy would be required. Kathy Griffin was expected to be fully recovered within a span of one month. She stressed the importance of vaccination in her tweets. She stated that her condition could have worsened if she did not complete her vaccination. 

Supports have been showered on the actress from everywhere. Ross Mathews expressed his love for the actress. He asked her to reach out to Ross anytime she wanted. Caroline Rhea was her fellow worker. She extended her love and support in the comment section of the tweet. 

Kathy Griffin also discussed her drug obsession. In an interview on Monday, the actress revealed the dark times she had faced. Griffin discussed her addiction to pills and also had suicidal intentions at one point in time. Griffin expressed her thankfulness about the fact that she has finally come out of everything.  


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