Domino’s Pizza Makes Fun Of Halo Infinite’s Graphics

It’s not the first time that Halo Infinite’s graphics are shown to be disappointing. But Domino’s surely has weighed in on the matter.

When Halo Infinite’s gameplay was first shown off last week during Microsoft’s Xbox games display, many techies and game fans expressed their disappointment at the graphic quality of Halo Infinite’s next-gen title. Fans were particularly disappointed at the game’s lighting and “flat” appearance.

Domino’s has recently used this public sentiment against Halo Infinite for one of its Twitter posts.

Along with a photo of a pixelated Domino’s Pizza beside a normal picture of the same, Domino’s has also added a tongue and cheek caption to go with it. The Twitter post from Domino’s official page reads, “Don’t worry Chief, Domino’s always delivers #HaloInfinite” along with the caption “next gen?”

Though this is clearly a joke, however, it’s interesting to note that the disappointment surrounding Halo Infinite has spread beyond fans and gamers.

Even though the graphics seem disappointing, Xbox general manager Aaron Greenburg assures that the visual in the final launch will be much better.

It’ll be intriguing to observe how Xbox changes opinions about the game from now till the time it releases in the Holiday season 2020.