Amazon’s Alexa App Redesigned To Focus On The Bits People Actually Use

Reports suggest that iOS Android and Fire OS is to see a new and developed Alexa as Amazon plans to redesign its Alexa App to focus more on the core functionality of Alexa rather than its third party “skills” like telling the weather and so on.

The new app design is to place the button to summon Alexa in the front and center rather than in the bottom. This will change a few things. The Alexa third party skills previously shown at the top of the home screen is now placed in the Alexa App’s “More” tab. These skills can be found under “Skills & Games.”

Instead of the skills the app will now show a personalized list of actions that Alexa can perform. Instead of weather forecasts, the front page will help you access recently played songs, or in making a shopping list, or setting an alarm and so on.

Also noteworthy is that the new design will allow you to summon Alexa using just your voice. A press at the blue Alexa button will not be further necessary.