Josh Bell Traded Off To Washington Nationals

Josh Bell
Josh Bell

Josh Bell has been traded from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Washington Nationals, as it was let known to the public on Thursday. Pittsburgh will now have Nationals and is excited to have Josh Bell on their team. They are confident that Bell will make a valuable asset to the team and the community as a whole.

Josh Bell was an All-Star in 2019, followed by a sizzling first half in which he hit .302 with 27 home runs along with 84 RBIs. This had been inconsistent over the last year. He scored  .233 with 10 home runs during a second-half that was unfavoured due to an injury. He also scored eight homers during a time that his career was dipping. 

Pittsburgh ended with a 19-41 previous season which is the worst record for the big leagues. Bell said he’d be the mainspring for the Pirates when they were aiming to regroup. The management led to a collapse and a complete makeover of the team. It was decided that  Bell would become a part of Washington. He is under contract throughout 2022.

Josh Bell’s Trade Off Effects

Josh Bell was to earn $4.8 million in the year 2020. His removal from the Pittsburgh team caused an exit of the second-highest salary from the accounts. Cherington went onto say that they would need to concentrate on the collection of talent, nurturing of it which comes from availing several paths. Trading is one such path and it is high time that such decisions are made. While Josh Bell was traded off to the Nationals, Crowe scored 0-2 with an 11.88 ERA and Yean hit a 3-5 record alongside 75 strikeouts while playing for the small leagues.