Don McGahn Says Firing Of Mueller Led To The Downfall Of Trump’s Administration!

Don McGahn
Don McGahn

Last Week, Don McGahn, the former counsel of the White House revealed to the lawmakers in his interview that the firing of Mueller led to the downfall of the Trump administration. The effort of Donald Trump in firing Robert Mueller, special counsel, led to the downfall of Trump’s administration. 

Don McGahn Compared the Mueller Incident With the Watergate Probe Scandal!

Don McGahn was actively resisting the directive of Donald Trump to contact Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney Gen. to call for the removal of Robert Mueller from the investigation surrounding Russia. The demand acted as a thin inflection point prompting Rosenstein to either fire Robert Mueller or give in his resignation. This is according to the transcript released by the Committee of House Judiciary on Wednesday. Don McGahn added about how people will not stop talking about this incident on Saturday Night Massacres even decades later. He also mentioned the resignation of two senior officials of the Justice Department resigning in 1973. They didn’t follow the orders of President Nixon to fire their special prosecutor investigating the probe of the Watergate scandal. 

Don McGahn reflected on the incident wondering as a history student whether things could have gone on a totally different path if people would have made entirely different decisions. But now he is just fast-forwarding and thinking about how this Trump incident will be seen by future generations. Many episodes regarding the Mueller investigation were revealed in this long appearance of Don McGahn.

This interview also has a court fight and was made for two years. The transcript has a total of 241 pages shows whether Trump was successful in obstructing justice. In the interview of Don McGahn, you can also learn about details regarding the agitation of former US President Donald Trump at the investigation of the special counsel along with several pleas urging McGahn to intervene and control the investigation.