Donald Trump Interferes In Climate Change Negotiations

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

According to Yahoo News, Democrats attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference have to take the blame for the actions of Donald Trump. It is quite ironic that the party that had been devoted to overthrowing Trump now has to shoulder the blames of their predecessor. In a private meeting which took place between Xie Zhenhua, the special climate envoy from China, and the delegation from the Senate, the envoy from China constantly berated the US delegation for the withdrawal of Trump from the Paris Agreement of 2015. 

Donald Trump Single-handedly Messed Up Paris Agreement

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, the Democrat from Illinois informed news channels on Saturday afternoon that he had sat down with the Chinese envoy for what he considered to be quite an interesting exchange. The other part of the world was heavily against the actions of Donald Trump- especially his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement- which served as a very bad development for the world. Durbin believes the envoy was pointing towards the unpredictability of a democratic process. 

The last decade has seen the American government swinging wildly in its approach towards climate change, with successive governments of Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden having polarized opinions about the crisis. Rightfully, this has led to some massive frustration in the negotiating partners. This was touched upon by Xie who stated that the withdrawal of Trump was a huge mistake. He believes if Trump hadn’t withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, they would currently be in a much better situation. 

Previous Republican presidents like George W. Bush had a much softer approach towards climate change. While he did avoid taking action on climate change, he did participate in the global climate negotiation process. On the other hand, Donald Trump completely rejected climate science along with his abdication of any American role in climate diplomacy, which weakened the negotiating position of the country.