Kamala Harris’ Rating Plummets: No Longer A Viable Alternative

Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

The Biden administration continues to face mounting rating woes as Vice President Kamala Harris’s approval rating falls to a historic low of 28%. A USA Today/Suffolk poll rating painted a grim picture both for the President and the Vice President.

While the ratings for Biden have seen a steady slide, the figures are much worse for Kamala Harris. While Biden’s ratings remain at 38%, Vice President Harris has sucked to 28%.

A majority of responders at 51% say they do not approve of the job that Kamala Harris is doing as the Vice President of the nation. It is an unprecedented figure at such an early stage of a modern presidency.

Given the present situation, it is a wonder that VP Harris stays on the 2024 ticket, whoever is the nominee. The poll figures suggest that only 28%, which is below 3 out of 10 people, approve the job that the Vice President has been doing.

To put it in context, she had an approval rating of a healthy 46% when she assumed office along with a disapproval of 40%.

Kamala Harris Primary Problem Is That She Remains Invisible

The Vice President is the least seen of modern American leaders. It has been over 5 months since she had a full interview with any major broadcast entity. The last was with Lester Holt of NBC.

It marked the end of any confidence that the administration had in her ability to handle difficult questions. She had messed up Holt’s question about visiting the border, repeating herself in a manner that seemed incoherent.

A less than a quarter approve of her handling of the border problem, with a mere 23% approving her job down south. In a disturbing trend, more people (20%) want the President to resign than do any other task such as provide more jobs (11%) or unite to help the country (8%). Just as disturbing is the fact that 64% of Americans do not want Biden to run for office again in 2024. And that includes 28% of Democrats.

Kamala Harris was projected as an alternative to the aging Biden, a plan B. With the dismal approval rating, that seems a distant possibility.

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