Donald Trump Hopes For The End Of The Constitution 

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Constitution termination was asked for by Donald Trump who is the former President to reverse the election of 2020 and put himself in power. Do you kick out the results of the Presidential election 2020 and announce the rightful winner or is reelection to be added as an option?

Donald Trump’s Antics On Social Media Continue

This type of massive fraud allows for the conclusion of all rules and articles written by Donald Trump on social media Truth Social in a post. He also accused Big Tech and Democrats to work hand in hand. He continues to say that the great founders would never be in favor of a False and Fraudulent Election.

After the Twitter internal emails were released, this post by Donald Trump came. Andrew Bates, who is the spokesman of the White House, comments on Donald Trump’s post this Saturday saying that such remarks are offensive and painful to the heart of the Nation and should be universally censured. He continues that America is to be loved throughout and not only when you win. Raising a question about the Constitution which has been binding the Americans irrespective of their parties, is a document for more than 200 years now and should be sacred to all. 

Donald Trump earlier this week also went ahead and supported the US Capitol attackers of 6th January 2021. He said that from his point of view people were unconstitutionally and unfairly treated and they would surely get to the bottom of the scenario. Also in an interview with Donald Trump in September, he claimed to have financially supported some defenders of the 6th January incident. He also promised them that he would issue an apology from the government if he was to be reelected.

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