Andrew Cuomo Told To Resign For The First Time

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

A powerful lawmaker from the Democratic party gave a statement concerning Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York. The New York-based lawmaker advocated for the resignation of the New York governor in the statement.

Andrew Cuomo is stuck in the midst of allegations of sexual harassment. He stands to be accused by a total of three women. There is also another legal matter that the governor is facing. As of now, the administration of the Democratic governor is going through a probe with regard to the coronavirus deaths. He stands accused of presenting a wrong number of total deaths that took place in the nursing homes due to the coronavirus.

Andrew Cuomo Vs Stewart-Cousins

The majority leader of the Senate, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, gave a statement with regard to the situation at hand. The Yonkers-based senators stated that all the allegations are getting drawn away from the government’s business.

She further added that the state of New York is not free from the pandemic and its aftermath. There are still some issues related to health, society, and the economy in the state following the pandemic. Senator Andrea advocated the view that New York needs to be governed without getting distracted from the less important things. The Democratic leader concluded the fact that the best solution for everything was for Andrew Cuomo to resign from his office.

An unnamed source gave some information with regard to the situation between Governor Cuomo and Andrea Stewart-Cousins. It was said that a brief conversation took place between her and the governor. According to the conversation, the governor directly rejected the idea of quitting from his office when he was told to. He further added that they would have to impeach him to get rid of him.