Donald Trump Endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz In Senate Race In Pennsylvania

Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz

Donald Trump, the former President of America was endorsing Dr. Mehmet Oz for the position of Senate this Saturday before the Republican primary he contested for in the state of Pennsylvania. In the words of Donald Trump, the only way to control the members of the Radical Left from disrupting America is by winning as many elections as possible.

Donald Trump Chose Dr. Mehmet Oz Over McCormick

Trump endorsed  Dave McCormick and Mehmet Oz to get into the primary after his first preference, Sean Parnell decided to opt-out of the race in 2021. As per the endorsement, the state of Pennsylvania has the potential to save the country, and hence,  Mehmet Oz must be given a chase to make the state a better place for the citizens. 

Donald Trump also stated that he has known Mehmet Oz for a long time due to his successful show and over the years, he has earned a lot of respect and love from the citizens of America. Moreover, Trump also stated that he can easily get past the General Election and will be the most deserving candidate for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. 

The outstanding record of Oz’s medical career and his educational qualification was also mentioned in the endorsement. Melania Trump, the wife of Donald Trump, also prefers  Mehmet Oz as compared to other candidates, and thus, Trump believes that Oz will get the majority of the votes from women. In his statement, he said that women mostly take advice from him and respect him which he has observed in the past years. 

There were even chances for McCormick for the endorsement as his wife Dina Powell was a security help of the former President. Moreover, allies of Trump, Stephen Miller, and Hope Hicks went to help the campaigns of McCormick. Lastly, as a response to the endorsement, Jeff Roe tweeted in support of McCormick and stated with surety that he will win.