Voters Of France Headed For The French Presidential Election This Sunday

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

The voters of France went for the momentous election this Sunday for the upcoming President of the country. There were a total of twelve members along with Emmanuel Macron who currently holds an office in the Government and they all were fighting in the French Presidential Election. In case these members do not get a minimum of 50% of the ballot, the two members who are at the top will go against each other on the 24th of April in a runoff. 

Lowest Turnout In The French Presidential Election Of 2022

On the other hand, Macron is running in the French Presidential Election this year to win again and be the second re-elected President after Jacques Chirac in the year 2002. There is a possibility that the majority of the voters of France will stay at home. The interior minister of France posted on Twitter that though the environment in the metropolitan areas was peaceful, the first voting round turnout stood at nearly 25.48% which was reported after four hours. 

The above-mentioned figure if analyzed portrayed the lowest turnout of a French Presidential Election after 2002. Macron faced repeated challenges from members of political extremes namely, Marine Le Pen, author, and TV pundit Eric Zemmour, and Jean-Luc Melenchon. It was believed by most of the citizens that this election would increase the rights of citizens, however, the situation in Ukraine destroyed such expectations. 

Macron declared that the price of diesel will rise in the country during the initial days of his tenure which resulted in a long-lasting protest which occurred after a decade. During the pandemic, he launched the policy of mandatory vaccination to get back to normal life. Though this initiative increased the rate of vaccination in the country, a vocal minority was fired up. Lastly, his campaigning process consisted of very little effort and he even denied having debates against his competitors.