Donald Trump Engaged In Self-sabotage After Vaccine Rollout

William Barr
Donald Trump

After preparation of the first round of doses of coronavirus vaccine across the U.S. President Trump has the opportunity of marking this historical milestone of science and showing some leadership in preventing the COVID-19 spread as the figure of cases crosses 16M. Instead, Donald Trump is engaging in self-sabotage and distracting the Americans from his administration’s great accomplishment by spreading election disinformation. He is also questioning whether William Barr, Attorney General should be fired because of not informing Trump about the investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings before the 2020 election.

Does Loyalty Matter To Donald Trump?

By going after the attorney general on Twitter amidst this surge in COVID-19 cases, Trump has shown the nation the way he regards his allies in politics and business.No matter the loyalty of his aides and the way they do Trump’s bidding, Donald Trump has no compunction in casting them away as soon as he understands that they cannot be used as political tools anymore. 

Donald Trump has treated the Department of Justice as his lawyers pressurizing them for investigating his enemies and having no respect for its historic political independence. Barr, a Trump loyalist has already infuriated Trump by commenting to the press that there is no evidence for supporting Trump’s false claims about election fraud which can change the election results. According to Trump, Barr should get fired before the day ends. He called Barr’s disloyalty a big disadvantage for the Republicans.

 One source familiar with this breakdown of Barr and Trump’s relationship over their conflicting opinions about election fraud and the Biden investigation has said that Barr will not get intimidated by the President. After Trump’s tweet, the source mentioned to Jamie Gangel, CNN on Saturday that none of the tweets matter because it is just like the rantings of a deposed king.