Ashleigh Barty Stunned By Shelby Rogers In US Open

Ash Barty
ashleigh barty

Ashleigh Barty, the world’s number 1 ranked female tennis player suffered a shock defeat on Saturday. Shelby Rogers fought back valiantly to knock out Barty in the US Open 3rd round match-up. The thrilling match had to be settled via a tiebreaker that lasted till the third set at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The Big Upset For Ashleigh Barty

Rogers is the only American female tennis player still competing in the New York tennis championship. In the post-game interview, she said that she could hardly find the words to explain it. She aimed to keep the balls inside the lines in the match. She was trying something new since she had never won against Ashleigh Barty.

Ashleigh Barty had been victorious in the first game of the match. However, after that, it was Rogers who was on hot form. She won the next 3 games consecutively, and quickly took the lead on Saturday. However, the fifth game was a dominant show by Ashleigh Barty once more. But Rogers fought back once more and quickly wrapped up the next 3 to get the victory.

Ashleigh Barty’s unforced error count was 17 in the 1st set as well. This had done no favors to the confidence of the Australian. The 2nd set was a reminder by Barty as to why she is currently the top-ranking female tennis player. She was victorious in 5 games consecutively and easily after the starting two was split with Rogers. The third set saw Barty quickly take a lead of 5-2 and prepared to fight the US Open’s next round.

But that was not to be as Rogers won four consecutive times, stunning Barty and forcing a tiebreaker. 2 forced errors by Ashleigh Barty gave Rogers the win in the match that lasted over 2 hours.