Stimulus Checks To Be Unaffected By Any Seizures

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The third stimulus check of $1,400 is expected to be in effect by the end of March. However, with this third round, there are a lot of changed qualifications. Those on child support and the number of dependents in the family will decide how much you are eligible for in this round.

Given how the Bill stands right now, people who owe child support or any other debts to the government are still eligible for the full payment. However, as the bill is yet to be finalized, the provision may change.

The Effect Child Support May Have On The Stimulus Checks

However, the IRS can still redirect payment of any government debts owed directly from the amount in the stimulus checks despite the rule stating otherwise. Moreover, clerical mistakes in the first round may have mistakenly taken money from spouses who are not a child’s parent.  Disallowing all seizures will imply that such money can now be reclaimed from the IRS.

Furthermore, all dependents in your family, irrespective of their age, can be considered eligible for being counted towards the total stimulus check amount. Each such individual in the family will be getting $1,400.

There are loopholes as well that allow both spouses to get paid for one child. A parent who usually pays for child support in odd years may be able to get another $600 for the same dependent child, for the year 2019 by claiming it in the 2019 tax return. The IRS has said that it is aware of it and will address it shortly.

There are also ongoing talks of making the bill more specific. As such, there is a reason to believe that the annual income is going to be a deciding factor for how much is going to be paid. For example, if the annual income is more than $150,000, you may not be eligible at all for this round of stimulus checks.