Donald Trump Goes All Out To Cover Up January 6 Conspiracy: Plots Another Political Comeback

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has gone all-out to cover up his complicity in the attack on democracy that he orchestrated while sitting in the White House. The ex-President has gone overboard to cover up his tracks over his direct involvement as he strives for another political return to the top job.

Donald Trump, the first president to be impeached twice in American history, continues to exert his considerable sway over politics, national life, and popular culture. The disgraced president has opened up multiple fronts, while he is undimmed by the ban imposed on him by multiple social platforms.

Trump continues to show the same obduracy and disdain for ethics that he displayed while in power. He continues to evade accountability manipulating the system that he fine-tuned as a businessman. He has directly challenged the system of checks and balances.

Donald Trump has time and again resorted to divisive politics, exploiting and widening cultural and racial fault lines. He continues to eye any opportunity to boost his profile, such as the tele-rally leading up to the gubernatorial elections in Virginia.

The results in Virginia will closely indicate the support he still musters leading to the midterm elections in 2022.

Donald Trump Architect Of First Transfer Of Power Under The Shadow Of A Coup

Donald Trump’s hyper activism in trying to prevent several documents that could reveal his complicity in the insurrection shows that he had a proactive role to play in the mayhem in the Capitol on January 6.

In a disgraceful first since the American Civil War, the nation has witnessed a transfer of authority that wasn’t smooth and was marred by violence and the specter of a coup.

Donald Trump stands as a president who has perpetually tried to elude the ramifications of his antics.

But given the complexities of the American political system, the President continues to be a strong contender for the top post in the 2024 elections if things go his way in the midterms next year.

Donald Trump’s attempts to suppress documents include handwritten memos from Mark Meadows, the chief of staff at the White House, call logs of Donald Trump and vice president Pence and crucial visitor records to the White House.

The documents could include insight into the conspiracy penned by John Eastman that could have turned the election results in favor of Donald Trump on January 6.

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