Mitt Romney Supports Filibuster: Republican Senator Terms Attempts To End It As ‘Unserious Partisan Effort’

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, the Republican Senator from Utah has dismissed discussions to end the filibuster. He blasted the Democrats’ call for its removal, saying that the efforts were biased and not serious. He said that it was aimed at energizing and messaging the base of the party.

When asked if he was willing to do away with the filibuster on voting rights, the President replied, ‘and many more.’

The moderate Republican said that common middle ground, and a compromise was needed to garner the necessary 60 Senate votes to stop a filibuster.

Mitt Romney said that the filibuster helps empower the minority section in the senate. It also keeps the legislature centered, and fosters the predictability and stability that is vital for the people of the nation and its future.

In an open editorial, Mitt Romney said that ending the filibuster could only serve to alter the defining and distinct role and character of the Senate.

Mitt Romney’s comments come amid fresh focus on the rules of the Senate. The Democrat leadership is looking for means to push through legislative issues quickly, which includes the bill on voting rights.

Mitt Romney Asserts That Attempts To Eliminate Filibuster Linked To Election Reforms

Even two important Democrats have opposed plans to end the filibuster. But President Biden had in October asserted that he still was keen to go through with his decision. He said that it was necessary to get through legislation on voting rights. He had earlier voiced his support for protecting the filibuster.

Mitt Romney linked the present justification offered by the Democrats to eliminate the filibuster to the unwillingness by the Republicans to go along with partisan legislation on election reforms.

He said that the Democrats have previously filed these bills on numerous occasions without involving the Republicans in the drafting process.

Mitt Romney asserted that every time any legislation is shaped and sponsored by a single party, it stands as an attempt to strengthen the base of that party. A serious effort at legislation needs to be negotiated and pushed through by the combined effort of both parties, he maintained.

He also sent an ominous warning that if Trump were to return in 2024, the Democrats would be voiceless without the filibuster to fall back upon.

The record for the longest speech is held by J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who filibustered for 24 hours 18 minutes to prevent the Civil Rights Act in 1957.

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