Donald Trump Jr Is Given A Highly Responsible Role 

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr, the son of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, has been assigned to a role. The appointment was made by the former president himself. 

The role that Donald Trump Jr has been assigned to is an unofficial one. It is within the orbit of the former President. This suggests the idea that it is very much likely that the former President is making considerations of going for the presidential elections of the year 2024. And if he does that then he has to have a strong base that is maintained to his advantage in the Republican party. 

Donald Trump Jr’s Responsibilities

Sources close to the political operation of the former president have revealed an interesting fact about him. It is said that the eldest son of the former President has come up to become one of the chief advisors of political issues of his father. 

It can be said that Donald Trump Jr is working in the footsteps of Jare Kushner, his brother-in-law. Kushner had an important role to play in the administration of the former President throughout his term of office. He is responsible for handling all the issues of Trump from within. Donald Trump Jr is busy working with the team of his father in close contact. He is working on preventing any bumps that might come in the political career of his father.

However, the role that the former President’s son has to play is not confined within the operational guidance. Trump Jr has been the most staunch conservative in the entire family ever since the former American president left the capital. He has also been responsible for having a constant influence over the political instincts of his father. As per the aides, the relationship between them is much more affable than that of Trump and Kushner.