WHO: Governments Should Restrict Alcohol During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Coronavirus Lockdowns
Coronavirus Lockdowns

With the city-wide lockdowns due to this pandemic, alcohol shops are quite naturally closed. This might be giving rise to stress factors and withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics. However, the World Health Organization suggests that governments should keep alcohol shops closed. 

Alcohols reduce the working of the immune system of the human body and hence, can make one more vulnerable to the virus. Alcohol has been connected with mental health disorders and other diseases which can make a person more likely to get this virus. 

WHO mentioned: “At times of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol consumption can exacerbate health vulnerability, risk-taking behaviours, mental health issues and violence.”

Alcohol sales are increasing in places where it is not shut down or online delivery is properly set up. The USA saw a 55% increase in alcohol sales within a week in the previous month. Lockdown can bring a lot of stress which might make people consume a lot more alcohol. This can result in the risk of violence as well among intimate partners. 

General Tedros, the Director-General of WHO, has mentioned that self-quarantine and home-stay can lead to domestic violence. 

It is clear that there are several risks associated with alcohol and so, maybe it’s time for us to take the right decision to prevent such risks.