Donald Trump Was The Most Tweeted President On President’s Day While Parler Has Made A Comeback


Donald Trump headlined Twitter on President’s Day, despite Parler being made available for the conservatives. Regardless of this new development, Trump had around 60,000 tweets from his admirers- which simply propagated the national divide that America is currently under. It is quite surprising that conservatives have made Twitter their base when Parler is readily available to them. 

Fans of Donald Trump Didn’t Forget To Wish Him President’s Day

The other interesting development has been the return of Parlet after Amazon had dehosted it all the way back in January. After numerous allegations dropped in on Parler being the base for the Capitol Mob, Amazon had removed it from its services. Surprisingly, it had made a return.

The official statement from the company was simply a boastful claim of Parler being the world’s only free speech platform on the internet. With over 20 million users, the social media platform has been officially relaunched. Parler claims that it would not be dependent on any other big technology that other social media platforms incorporate in trying to bring out free speech. No wonder this social media platform is right down Donald Trump’s alley.  

The CEO of this platform, Mark Meckler mentioned that their team had reconvened to get this platform back on track. After their ‘esteemed’ former President Trump had been accused of inciting rebellion, they tried getting their app back in order to give voices to the millions of Americans who had been silenced. 

On Twitter, there were several who called for Donald Trump to come back to power, while there was also the other side of the population, which screamed for his arrest. On the eve of the Senate vote on Saturday, both sides started clamoring after he was acquitted of all charges. Interestingly, there were some who were indeed hopeful that Trump would be running for President in 2024.