Kim Kardashian Having A Nice Time With Pete Davidson

Kardashian Christmas Bash
Kardashian Christmas Bash

Kim Kardashian seems to have moved on from Kanye West. The duo shared a romantic ratio for quite some time. West and Kim decided to get married after dating for a while. Things were going great until things fell apart. Issues started to rise that ultimately led to the termination of the marriage.

However, both the lovebirds still shared a great ratio. They often went out together and spent time with one another. Both of them gave great emphasis on the welfare of their children. However, things got embarrassing for Kim recently. West asked Kim to come back to him publicly at a concert. She immediately filed a lawsuit asking to be declared single legally. Kim also decided to drop “West” from her name. 

Kim Kardashian is looking forward to a fresh start. She has found a new love interest in Pete Davidson. Davidson and Kim have been spotted on a number of occasions. They were recently seen hanging out at the luxurious house of Davidson. Let us learn more about the story in detail below.  

Kim Kardashian Spotted Leaving Pete’s House 

Kim Kardashian seems to be having the time of her life. She is enjoying her new love life nowadays. Kim is frequently visiting the condominium of Pete Davidson. A recent video has been published by Page Six. The clip shows Kim coming out of Davidson’s house at 12:30 pm. 

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have decided to keep their relationship low-key. They are not very vocal about their ratio yet. Both of them would like to settle things and then make things public. Kim does not want anyone else to interfere or influence their relationship. Kardashian has kept her Staten Island visits private. She wore an all-black dress while sneaking out of Pete’s condo.