Greg Baca Seeks Apology Amidst Claims Of ‘Insensitive’ Statements

Greg Baca
Greg Baca

The minority leader of the US Senate, Greg Baca, gave a statement concerning his issue with the secretary-designate of the Veterans services, Sonya Smith. This came out on Monday. He said that he did it owing to his statement with regard to Smith which he termed as an “insensitive line of questioning”.

The Senate minority leader is being constantly criticized with comments carrying racial overtones that were made by him. This took place on the day of the confirmation hearing of Sonya Smith which was held on Friday.

Greg Baca On Diverse Cultures

Greg Baca directly asked if the secretary-designate of the Veterans services is comfortable enough to hold the position. He added that almost 48% of the population of the state was either Hispanic or a mix of it. Therefore, being a member of the community of the African-Americans, the population of which was 2.6%, he asked Smith if she had the capacity to represent the cultures adequately. Greg Baca specially made the mention of Hispanics, Natives, and white while he asked the question.

Sonya Smith declined to attend an interview concerning the matter. This was done through the spokesperson of the Veterans services department, Ray Seva. The interview was to take place at the weekend. The email that carried the news of the rejection read that all of the interviews were being canceled until her confirmation for the post would take place officially.

A statement was issued by Greg Baca last week. The statement had nothing to do with an apology. It said that he knew very well, the role of the Veterans services head as he himself was a minority veteran. The Senate minority leader added that the leader must be somebody who takes into consideration, the diversity of New Mexico.

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