Joe Biden, The US President, To Discuss The Promised Stimulus Checks

President Biden
President Biden

The journalists and politicians of progressive nature made the demands with regard to the stimulus checks on President’s Day. The amount that they put forward to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, was 1,400 USD. The demand comes from the fact that the party that the President belongs to, had made the promise of the stipulated amount of the stimulus check to the people of America.

Details On Joe Biden’s Demand For Stimulus Funds

Prior to taking over the office of the president, the President had clearly stated his intentions concerning the relief aid. He had claimed to fight for the aid in a bold manner as soon as he took charge. This was to be done on the floor of the US Congress.

The statement that President Joe Biden gave with regard to his claim was a clear-cut one. He said that they would be delivering the stimulus checks to the people of America as soon as they can. They would make sure that no time is wasted in doing that. However, this has been the case until now. Even after several weeks since the inauguration of the new American President took place, nothing has been passed by Congress involving the stimulus checks.

A number of public figures took to the social media platform, Instagram, with regard to the concern. Walker Bragman, a journalist shared a tweet that said that there have not been any signs of the 2000 USD stimulus checks even after Joe Biden and his Democratic administration being in the office of the president and in power or “almost a month”. He mentioned the number of stimulus checks to be 2000 USD.

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House gave a statement addressing the issue. this came out this Sunday. It was said that the discussion of the 1.400 USD checks would be initiated by President Joe Biden this week.