Donald Trump Hits Out Wildly At Mitch McConnell With A Month To Go For The Midterms

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Mitch McConnell appears to have riled Donald Trump in the past week. And this time the maverick former president made no secret of his animosity for the Senate minority leader, launching into a personal tirade against him and making racist comments against his wife.

 Trump lambasted McConnell, saying the senior Republican leader had what he termed a death wish for supporting Democrat-sponsored bills. The two leaders rarely see eye to eye and in 2017 Trump had gone after McConnell for his failure to secure passage of a bill to partially repeal the Affordable Care Act.

But the racist insults directed at McConnell’s wife, who was born in Taiwan, were worse. He mockingly referred to her as McConnell’s China loving wife, and called her Coco Chow, while also calling her crazy.

Donald Trump Attacks McConnell For Supporting Bill To Prevent Electoral Subversion

Trump’s tirade came within hours after McConnell backed a bill that will keep the Biden government funded. The 72-25 vote that had the backing of many Republicans in a Senate split right down the middle. Though Donald Trump has not specified the reason for his attack, McConnell had earlier indicated that he would support bipartisan legislation to protect against electoral subversion, something Trump is adept at.

Donald Trump said that McConnell had a death wish and that he had supported the bill because he heated the former president and knew that Trump opposed him. Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budowich had dismissed as ‘absurd’ any suggestion that the post of the former president could be interpreted as dangerous.

Budowich alleged that McConnell was killing the GOP through his cowardice and weakness. He suggested that the ‘death wish’ that Trump referred to was something McConnell had for himself and the party. He said that Trump and America First champions in Congress would ultimately save the party and America.