Donald Trump Continues To Propagate Unscientific Theories

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, gave a speech this Saturday. It was attended by the Republican party members of the state of North Carolina. The important thing that is to be noted here following the speech is that the threat to the existence of democracy in the country is not over yet.

He proved the fact that he is still the biggest threat of all as he continues to undermine the 2020 presidential elections of the country. The one that was conducted on the basis of all the democratic procedures. Former President Donald Trump has not budged from his stance of wanting to “re-assert himself” as the chosen President instead of the acting President from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.  

Donald Trump’s Blind Followers

The way he addressed the politicians who are faithful towards him was no different than that of the campaign rallies that he carried out during the 2020 presidential elections. Former President Donald Trump made a number of attacks on President Joe Biden on countless subjects. It included the foreign policies of the administration of Biden that were not good for the country, he claimed that the Democratic President was marching towards the destruction of the country’s economy and also stated that the left and the policies advocated by them would soon destroy the freedom of the United States of America. 

However, what was the most bothering was the spread of misinformation that is propagated by Donald Trump. He continued to spread unscientific theories about the 2020 presidential election that he lost, claiming that it was not carried out in a fair manner. And what is even more embarrassing is the fact that most of the Republicans are turning a blind eye towards the truth and believing in him instead.

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