Mark Meadows Forced DOJ To Investigate The Fraud Election Claims

jan 6 committee
jan 6 committee

Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff of the administration of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, is said to have imposed the Department of Justice of the country to satisfy the former Republican president. According to sources, he pushed the department to carry out an investigation on the fraud claims and unscientific conspiracy theories concerning the presidential elections of 2020. This took place when the former President was enjoying his last days in the office of the head of the state. The news came on Saturday.

Mark Meadows Dragged Jeffrey Rosen

Mark Meadows, the 61-year-old American politician sent a total of five emails in the months of December and January. The email was directed to Jeffrey Rosen, the then-Attorney General who was in charge of the office back then. The former chief of staff is said to have asked Rosen to investigate the matter of fraud claims. He specifically mentioned two states, New Mexico and Georgia. Mark Meadows also wanted the former Attorney General to look into other theories as well, stating that it was Donald Trump who actually won the elections. 

The activity carried out by the Trump-supporter only adds to the attempts carried out by the former Republican President in undermining the esteem of the Justice Department. They did not hesitate in forcing the department to carry out a partisan activity by overturning the election loss. This was an extraordinary and highly improper step to be carried out by any person, let alone the head of the state of the country.  

The conversations that took place between the Justice Department and Mark Meadows through emails, were studied by the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. It was done in order to investigate if the Department had anything to do with the efforts made by former president Trump to reverse the election loss that he faced. There has been no statement recorded from Rosen until now. However, as per the emails, until now it is clear that he did not cave in to the pressure of the Republicans. 

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