Mac Jones And Patriots Use Their Dominant Performance In The Second Half And Sealed A Victory Over The Cardinals

mac jones

After Kyler Murray, the Arizona QB was carted off after their 3 plays in the game, The Patriots with their star for the match Mac Jones triumphed over the Cardinals in the second half ensuring a 27-13 win and all the points.

Last Monday Night, Patriots with Mac Jones delivered to their fans, what no team has done before, they scored the highest points off the turnovers. With this new record, they unlocked a comeback triumph and avoided a defeat against the Cardinals. Arizona’s QB Kyle performed a forced grope as the LB returned a stunning 23 yards touchdown, in their 3rd quarter of the match, and it became the result deciding factor in the game.

Even though Cardinals attempted a rushing TD after that, Mac Jones, the rookie CB of the Patriots ensured they do not touch the line.

Mac Jones Performed Stunningly In The Second-Half To Ensure Victory Over The Cardinals:

Even though Colt McCoy, the backup Arizona brought into play tried to maintain the tempo of the game by calming the situation after the devastating injury to their Quarter Back, he also didn’t see the game through as he got sacked 5 times for playing behind the patchwork of the offensive line.

The Eagles (80), The Cowboys (80), and The Patriots have all achieved more points off fumbles than each other. The team’s 5th non-offensive touchdowns of the year, that ties the Arizona Cardinals for the most among the NFL, came on McMillan’s fumble return for a score.

If the All England Patriots are to have any chance of entering the postseason, it appears like winning with defense is going to be their strategy. And with defenders like Mac Jones, they may have a chance with that strategy.