Alan Parker Dies: Towering Uk Director Of ‘Bugsy Malone’, ‘Midnight Express’ & ‘Evita’ Was 76

It’s a grave day for the UK film industry as filmmaker Alan Parker passes away this morning at the age of 76 following his prolonged illness.

The famous filmmaker has a lot of accolades attached to his name. The two-time Oscar nominee is best known for his film “Midnight Express.” His lengthy career in the UK film industry doesn’t stop at one name. He also gained fame for directing films like “Bugsy Malone”, “Mississippi Burning” and “The Commitments.”

His films have won a total of 19 BAFTA awards and 10 Golden Globes awards.

His famous and high-budget film “Evita” also goes a long way to immortalize his name in the film industry.

Alan Parker has also contributed largely to the film society. He was the founder of the Directors Guild of Great Britain. He was the first Chairman of the UK Film Council back in the year 2000. He continued to be the Chairman for 5 years. His passionate contribution is not only through his films but also through such activities for the progress of the UK industry.

Born in London in 1944, he achieved great heights in his career. In 1995 he received a CBE and in the year 2002 he was honored with a knighthood for his extraordinary contribution.


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