Donald Trump Receives Every Delegate In Michigan GOP Convention

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

There were 39 delegates at stake during the March 2nd Republican convention in Michigan. Donald Trump, the former president, won every single one of them. Meanwhile, officials at the convention tried to drive the agenda past a fight for leadership that has seen the party split up into rival factions.

Donald Trump’s Popularity Is All But Assured

Pete Hoekstra, the Congressman, and former Ambassador is currently the chairman of the party. At the convention, he was also the one presiding over the proceedings. There were also several days of debates regarding the place and presiding officer of the event. On the day, the tensions were still very evident. The organizers of the event sent an email containing the results as well as a post by Donald Trump on his Truth social media platform.

In the post, Donald Trump said that he looked forward to working with Pete Hoekstra, the Ambassador, as he reprises his role as the Michigan Republican Party’s Chairman. Trump called him a winner and lauded his performance as a Congressman as well as when he was the Ambassador to the Netherlands. Trump concluded by stating his total and complete endorsement of Pete being the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

In January, Hoekstra was tapped by the state committee of the party as the one to replace Kristina Karamo as the party chair. Karamo was one of the election deniers. She had also been a nominee for secretary of state in 2022, but she had failed to be a candidate in the end. After being ousted from her position as Chairwoman, she sued. However, in the previous week, a judge in Michigan rejected her attempt to regain power. The National Committee of the Republican Party also started proceedings to officially acknowledge Hoekstra’s role as the chair of the state party.