New book by John Dodelande and Adrian Cheng: “Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection” will be released in May 2021


Besides providing an artistic perspective on contemporary China, Adrian Cheng and John Dodelande‘s new book, “Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection,” introduces the reader to a range of works that are particularly beloved and admired by the two co-authors. The book is scheduled for release in May 2021. Mark your calendars!

An exhibition book

Adrian Cheng is a multi-hatted entrepreneur and a driving force in the global art scene. He has been CEO of New World Development, founder of the K11 Group and the K11 Craft Guild Foundation, an avid collector of contemporary Chinese art, winner of the prestigious “Tatler’s Most Influential 2020” award… and now an author as well. One wonders where he finds the time to take on so many roles. For his latest project, the book “Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection”, Adrian Cheng has teamed up with John Dodelande, an entrepreneur and also a great collector of Chinese contemporary art.

For the two co-authors, the book is an “exhibition organized on a printed page”. They describe it as an intimate, personal anthology of works that are particularly close to their hearts, not as an encyclopedia of Chinese contemporary art. In addition, this oversized volume is part of Assouline’s “Ultimate Collection,” paying tribute to the luxurious art of bookmaking by using traditional techniques to bind books, including hand-cutting multiple boards on art-grade paper. Note that this book is packaged in a luxury box, with the goal of showcasing the artwork and presenting it to the public in its best light. On closer inspection, the live album itself can be considered a work of art in its own right. This beautifully executed book will be available for purchase in May 2021 at a price of $895 USD.

A new vision of contemporary China

The whole purpose of Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection is to offer the reader a new insight into contemporary China through the prism of selected artworks. It allows the public to explore China through the eyes, observations and comments of selected artists. The book also includes scholarly introductions and commentaries by well-known art historians and critics such as Philip Tinari, Alexandra Munroe and Karen Smith. In addition, some of the artists featured in the book will be invited to paint a single shell for the tome later this year. The boxes and the book they contain will become unique works of art that will be auctioned to the highest bidder. As a reminder, at the book launch in mid-May at the K11 Art & Cultural Centre of K11 Musea, Adrian Cheng and John Dodelande will be present to sign copies of the book.