Michigan GOP Showered With Backlash Post Tweet Connecting Holocaust With Gun Reform

Michigan GOP

The Michigan Republican Party recently on Wednesday came across a lot of criticism for using Holocaust imagery, apparently to debate against the Democrats’ restrictions on gun violence. 

In a post published via social media on Wednesday, the Michigan GOP had put up a picture taken at the time of the Holocaust, of marriage rings snatched from Jewish victims in Nazi Germany right before they were killed. The photo was headed with a caption that read how ‘they’ collected the ‘guns’ before picking up the rings. The Michigan GOP added a comment on how the foremost thing done by the government is taking away arms to achieve absolute power over its state. 

The Post Appears Both On Twitter As Well As The Facebook Pages Under Michigan GOP!

Many Republicans, which includes Matt Brooks from the Republican Jewish Coalition, critiqued that the post of Michigan GOP was not only inappropriate but also humiliating and asked for it to be deleted as soon as possible. 

Kristina Karamo, who is the new chair of the Michigan GOP, commented on the same in a recent press conference on how quickly people take offense and that it was merely about connecting a present situation to a historical one. She added that she would neither entertain the criticisms nor apologize for them. 

The Michigan Democrats of the legislature are proposing an 11-bill package of gun measures to the Democratic government under Gretchen Whitmer as a reaction to the shooting massacre that took place at Michigan State University the previous month. 

A severe risk protection command has been included under the legislative parcel, also called the ‘red flag law’, which calls for a background check for purchasing guns as well as an apparent law of storing firearms for safety. The law also permits the court to seize firearms temporarily from any person appearing as a threat to anyone.