Donald Trump Remains A Compelling Threat To Democracy: Putting An End To ‘Trumpocracy’

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The specter of Donald Trump back in Washington refuses to go away, and his legacy continues to haunt the supporters of democracy. He had vowed to return when he left in disgrace after the 2020 election, and he has, in a lot of ways.

Putting the evil era behind will not be easy despite the opportunity it gives to salvage democracy and put an end to his evil legacy in America. Despite a majority of Americans realizing Donald Trump did not deserve to stay in Washington, he has an equally strong and fanatic support base who will stymie any effort to expose him.

Donald Trump Continues To Be An Existential Threat To Democracy

Despite being impeached twice, Donald Trump has remained an existential and potent threat to security, democracy, and national cohesion. His assault on the very foundation of democracy reached its pinnacle during the January 6 inquisition when he crossed all boundaries of decency and sanity to mount an assault on democracy with a vehemence never seen before in the US.

The propagation of the ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ laws which institutionalized racism and racial segregation in around 19 states was another example of the potent threat that Donald Trump poses to democracy and peace in the nation. He has single-handedly torn the fabric of unity in the nation and exposed it to extremist elements.

Man thrives thanks to a conspiracy of indifference and silence that prevails in modern times. But a brave minority like Cassidy Hutchinson and several others have broken away from this pandemic of indifference and stood up to expose the wrongdoings by Donald Trump and his henchmen at the Capitol on January 6.

The hearing could be the only chance to redeem the image of America as a vibrant democracy and bring an anti-democratic force to book and stop him once and forever from vitiating the political atmosphere in the nation.

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