Rick Scott Speaks Of Money Issues Leading To The Midterm Elections

Rick Scott
Rick Scott

Republican Senator Rick Scott, in charge of the midterm election, has said that they would need more money if they were to win the elections. Money raised by Donald Trump has majorly financed his selected team and has also been used to target Republicans who were against him. But online fundraising has slowed down, and Rick Scott is worried.

An increasingly larger number of small donors have backed out of Republican Party funding in recent months. This has left Republican leaders scrambling to understand the reason behind the setback. Rick Scott says that they need to reverse the sudden decline before it damages the party’s chances this fall.

Small donations peak even as an election nears in the US. But the opposite appears to be happening in recent months that have affected a wide range of Republican entities. This includes funds for every major party committee and the political operation of Trump.

Rick Scott Reveals A Decline Of 12% In Fund Collection

Rick Scott revealed that there has been a decline of around 12% in the total amount collected across all GOP campaigns and committees in the second quarter when compared to the first.  This was revealed by an analysis of records from the main online processing portal of the Republicans, WinRed.

More alarming for the republicans has been that Democratic contributions have surged simultaneously. Total federal donations on ActBlue, the Democratic portal, have jumped by 23% quarter-to-quarter.

Florida senator Rick Scott has said that they would win if they had the money and there was an urgent need to raise more money.  Online fundraising has plunged by $6.7M from $17.7M to $11M. Top GOP candidates for the Senate are falling well behind their Democratic rivals in the race to raise cash.

The total money raised by WinRed for 7 key contestants is less than even the money raised just by Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock of Georgia.