Somebody Somewhere’s Wholesome — And Motorboating — S2 Finale, By Jeff Hiller

Jeff Hiller
Jeff Hiller poses for a portrait to promote "Somebody Somewhere" on Thursday, March 30, 2023, in New York. (Photo by Christopher Smith/Invision/AP)

The second season of Somebody Somewhere ended with a reconciliation, a wedding, and a moving remembrance of a deceased costar. In honor of the event, the show’s celeb Jeff Hiller spoke with the media about it, comparing it to the TV show “Xanax.” Because it “releases the pressure” that might develop when watching the delectably gloomy programs on television these days, the heartwarming dramedy led by Bridget Everett has been gaining popularity by word of mouth over its initial two seasons. (As an illustration, on this Sunday, the conclusions of the highly regarded television shows Barry and Succession were immediately followed by the premiere of Somebody Somewhere.)

Jeff Hiller Opens Up On How It Hurt To See The Two Characters Bickering Even When He Knew The Necessity 

And even while Hiller admits that “there are no global planning or intrigue or whatever,” adding that the stakes were real as season 2’s conclusion drew closer, with the future of the companionship between Jeff Hiller’s character Joel and Bridget Everett’s Sam suddenly in jeopardy. Before the two-episode finale, Sam had cut off Joel because of the latter’s concealment of his developing romance with Brad. Sam even skipped the pre-marriage celebrations for their common friend Fred and his future wife Susan. Thankfully, at the time of the wedding at the family farmhouse, Sam had made up her mind to accept Joel’s apology and address her tendency to distance herself from the people she is close to. 

However, Joel and Sam’s disagreement was an occasional instance of conflict for the two, who had formed a close connection by supporting one another during times of self-doubt, grief, and loneliness, in addition to logging countless footsteps and DNDNs. The bond means a lot to Jeff Hiller, 46, who wants them to remain together. He further added that seeing them bickering hurt a lot even though it was understandable.