Sarah Shahi Confirms That She Had Fake Boobs For Sex/Life

Sarah Shahi

After Sex/Life viewers previously asked whether Adam Demos applied a prosthetic for the Netflix series’ NSFW scenes, Sarah Shahi has now joined the discussion about on-screen prosthetics.

The 43-year-old actress posted a behind-the-scenes set photo showing her getting ready to play a character with prosthetic breasts. “These weren’t my genitalia. Our prosthetics team had to put them on each morning, which took about three-quarters of an hour. I wore them whenever I had sex with Cooper or whenever I needed to flash my breasts while nursing,” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram Story photo. “See?? I see silicone glue there.

Sarah Shahi Assured Fans That Her Boobs Were Silicone

In a story Sarah Shahi posted to the presenter of the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat” on Instagram, Shahi explained why she wore prosthetics in some sequences but not in others.

For every Cooper sex scene and the infant. Scenes involving Brad were mine because they took place in the past. not boobs from nursing. Make sense?, said the Person of Interest star, who has a son William, 13, and twins Violet and Knox, 7, with ex-husband Steve Howey. The 2021–2023 television series Sex/Life follows suburban mother Billie (Shahi) as she began to doubt her union with Cooper (Mike Vogel).

The show has received praise from Sarah Shahi in the past for its liberating depiction of sex on screen.

Demos’ famous shower scene contributed to Sex/Life’s success as a pop culture phenomenon. The incident, which happened in the first season, involved Cooper, Billie’s husband, following Brad to the gym. When Brad took a post-workout shower, Cooper and the audience got a glimpse of his manhood. When questioned about his character’s infamous shower scene, Demos, 38, and the series’ creator Stacy Rukeyser initially avoided answering. The Australian native earlier this year acknowledged the use of a prosthetic.