Donald Trump’s Indictment Creating Issues For House GOP

Donald Trump

On the eve of ex-president Donald Trump’s expected accusation by a Manhattan grand jury, House Republicans tried to rally around him, using their investigatory power to scrutinize active criminal investigations targeting him, while at least one other Republican lawmaker supported his 2024 campaign for president.

On Monday morning, three Republican committee chairs demanded that Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan state’s attorney who has been reported to be close to implicating Donald Trump, focus on providing communications, documents, and witness statements about his inquiry, an unprecedented move by Congress to become involved in an ongoing criminal investigation.

Donald Trump Has Multiple Cases Against Him

“You are apparently planning on participating in an unparalleled abuse of prosecutorial authority,” wrote Congressmen Jim Jordan of Ohio, James R. Comer of Kentucky, and Bryan Steil of Wisconsin of the Oversight and Accountability Committee. “If these reports are true, your acts will erode trust in the impartial administration of justice and will unavoidably interfere with the conduct of the 2024 presidential election.”

They wanted “any documents and correspondence related to or relating to the receipt and utilization of federal funding by the NYC County District Attorney Office.” In accordance with its latest budget, that office receives virtually little federal funds.

The letter was the latest attempt by House Republicans to use their investigative powers to support Donald Trump. Republicans have established a new panel to investigate criminal inquiries into Donald Trump’s behavior and have discreetly ended a congressional investigation into his assets and potential conflicts of interest as the leader.

So far, the Justice Department has rejected what federal prosecutors consider to be needless interference in its work, citing long-standing company policy. Mr. Bragg was expected to be reluctant to grant Republicans access to evidence relevant to an ongoing case.