Jan 6 Committee Has Denied Claims Of Trump’s Clearance


The top members of the Jan 6 Committee recently refuted the claims made by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The Minority Leader claimed that the former President had been cleared by the Department of Justice of any role in inciting violence in the Capitol Hill riots. The statement from the Committee read that the House Minority leader had based on a completely anonymous report that the DOJ had apparently concluded that Donald Trump was in no way responsible for the violence which took place on the 6th of January.

Following such a report, the Select Committee went on to query the veracity of this with agencies of the Executive Branch along with other Congressional committees where it was made clear that such a conclusion was completely devoid of the truth. 

Jan 6 Committee Finds McCarthy’s Comments Baseless

This statement was made by the Chairman of the Jan 6 Committee Rep. Bennie Thompson and Rep. Liz Cheney, the Vice-Chair, as they called out the comments of McCarthy to KGET-TV the current week. This was where the Minority leader claimed that the former President had no role in inciting or coordinating the insurrection.

McCarthy went on to claim that the FBI had already investigated this, with the Senate having their bipartisan committees coming back- where it was found out that there was no involvement of the former POTUS. In the end, he stated that the way Pelosi dealt with the entire situation was simply political. 

The Jan 6 Committee made it indubitably clear that Donald Trump had not been cleared of any infarction that was related to the Capitol Riots. It also implies that the former President and his many allies have been the focal points for this investigation- something that was made even more clear when McCarthy brought up a Reuters report, which wasn’t confirmed by CNN either. 

The statement from the Jan 6 Committee further clarified that they would be pursuing every loose string on this investigation and pulling until they reach the end of it.