Donna Langley Wants To Send Tom Cruise To Space

Donna Langley

Donna Langley is an ambitious lady who wants to do many things, including launching Tom Cruise into space.

She is the first person of British descent to serve as the head of a large American film company in the position of chairperson of Universal Film Entertainment Group.

As a result, she is now one of the greatest influential figures in the entertainment industry. That is quite good for a woman who moved to LA in her twenties first from the Isle of Wight and knew nobody in the film industry.

Donna Langley Is A Force To Reckon With 

Donna Langley, now a Dame, told me that despite her shaky accent, she still identifies as “culturally very English.”

As we travel about the Universal lot in a golf cart, she admits that she has a “more continental than Isle of Wight” accent but insists, “I still enjoy my Marmite lunches and a decent package of chips.”

Donna Langley has reversed Universal’s fortunes and guided the oldest known US film company through the challenges of Covid-19 as well as the development of streaming services.

The idea Universal is working with Cruise is really out of this planet, yet she is remarkable and grounded. Cruise wants to launch a rocket to the ISS, according to a report from Langley to BBC News.

During the epidemic, Cruise and producer Doug Liman pitched her the film’s story on Zoom, with Cruise explaining that “really, it happens on the ground, and afterward the guy has to travel up to space to rescue the day.” She also expresses optimism that Tom Cruise will indeed be “the first non-astronaut to perform a spacewalk out of the space station.” Making a space movie is still a long-term goal for Universal.

To return to pre-Covid levels, the film industry has confirmed the release of 44 films in 2022 and 2023.

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