Travis Kelce Says His Name Has Always Been Mispronounced

travis kelce
travis kelce

The latest intrigue and mystery in the NFL is to do with Travis Kelce, the TE for the Kansas City Chiefs. The topic, specifically, is seemingly how the players’ last name should be pronounced.

Is It Travis Kelce Or Travis ‘Kelss’?

A user on popular discussion forum Reddit brought up the subject and informed Chiefs Kingdom of the matter. He posted a question asking about Andy Reid pronouncing Travis Kelce’s last name as “Kelss”. He was wondering if the pronunciation was a nickname that the coach or those close to him used particularly. He also wondered if that was the proper pronunciation of Travis Kelce’s name.

Regardless, Twitter immediately took up the topic and created a storm over it. Information that conflicted was revealed and shared widespread fueling a raging dispute as to how Travis Kelce’s name should be pronounced. The confusion’s main reason is a couple of videos. During the videos, Travis Kelce himself apparently reveals that the correct way to pronounce the player’s last name is actually “Kelss” instead of “Kel-see”.

The first video was the podcast named Bussin’ with the Boys, hosted by Barstool Sports. The second video was filmed while leading up for the title game in the AFC in 2020 when he faced the Tennessee Titans.

The information conflicting with these two, in which the player’s name’s pronunciation is heard as “Kel-see”, is found in multiple appearances of the player on video. In the videos, Travis, and Jason, his brother, can be heard saying “Kel-see” when pronouncing the two’s last names. So it would be weird would intentionally make a mistake while pronouncing their own names. To add to the confusion, the official media pronunciation guide from the Chiefs also uses “Kel-see”.

The official team account was surprised too, however, along with his coaches and teammates.