Dove Cameron Will Be Playing As Bubbles Utonium In The Powerpuff Girls

Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron

The CW, the American television network, has finally found the lead of its show, The Powerpuff Girls. The actors are Dove Cameron, the American actress and singer, Chloe Bennet, another American actress and singer, and Yana Perrault, a musician. Dove Cameron is the winner of the Daytime Emmy award for a character from a show on the Disney channel.

Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet And Yana Perrault

The writers of the show are Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody. It is directed by Maggie Kiley. The show is based on the animated series that used to air on the channel, the Cartoon Network. The creator of the show was Craig McCracken. The Powerpuff Girls revolves around the life of three superheroes of America, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup.

Dove Cameron will play the role of Bubbles Utonium. She has been successful in winning the hearts of the countrymen as a cute and charming child. Bubbles Utonium is someone who looks soft but she is very different from within. Dove Cameron will be playing a character who is very witty and tough from within. The character of Bubbles is initially seen to be more inclined towards her fame. She only focuses on capturing her fame again. She chooses her fame over her responsibility but things might take a turn as the show proceeds.

Coming to Chloe Bennet as Blossom Utonium. As a child, she is someone with a spunky character. As she grows up, she becomes a person with the ambition of becoming a leader. And she wants to achieve this on her own.

Perrault as Butter Utonium is a badass in her early days. However, in reality, she is soft from within. As she grows up, she tries to stay away from her identity as one of the Powerpuff Girls. The producer of the show is the Vita Vera Films and the Berlanti Productions.