Jason Sudeikis All Praise For Ex Olivia Wilde’s Career Support

Jason Sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis has spoken in glowing terms of Olivia Wilde for supporting the project that fast-forwarded his career. And as he prepares for the second season, fans have Wilde to thank for it.

Jason Sudeikis was replying to Kathryn Hahn in the Variety series, ‘Actors on Actors’. On being asked if the idea of Ted Lasso was inspired by a commercial, Sudeikis said that while that was true, the backing of his then-girlfriend Olivia Wilde had a great influence on his decision.

He and his buddies for 20 years, Joe Kelly, producer and writer, and Brendan Hunt, who’s on this show and plays Coach Beard, were discussing the start of the Premier League on NBC. They wanted someone to play a Football coach to make the format interesting.

Jason Sudeikis was immediately interested in the proposal. He said that it was difficult to think of a concept for this beautiful game that has been played for 100s of years. As the commercials were well received. He took the beautiful game and added depth, character, humanity, wholesomeness, and some real wicked humor.

 Olivia Wilde Supported Jason Sudeikis’ Move

As the commercials were well received by audiences, Wilde encouraged him to do a movie and a television show. They started with it in 2015 and were back 3 years later.

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde broke their relationship in 2020 after 10 years together. They remain friends and co-parent their children, Otis and Daisy, aged 7 and 6. They continue to be supportive of each other in the decisions they make.

He credits Wilde for her initial idea of doing the Ted Lasso TV show while accepting the Best Actor in a Comedy Series award at the Golden Globe. He won the 2021 Critics’ Choice Award.

Wilde in turn congratulated Sudeikis on social media. She was happy for him.

Jason Sudeikis says that Ted Lasso could be the best version of him.