Liverpool Settle For A Frustrating Draw

Liverpool Can Be Restored Under HIm Again?

Liverpool has been going through the form of their life. The team under Jurgen Klopp has achieved greater heights. They have been relentless in their pursuit of success. After some initial hiccups, LFC picked up the momentum in their season. What looked like a cakewalk for Manchester City, is now turned into a fifty-fifty duel. The team’s performance has been quite sensational in the UEFA Champions League as well.

LFC has entered the finals of the tournament after a display of footballing brilliance throughout the tournament. The fans and the players both hold high expectations from the team. They wanted their favorite team to complete a quadruple this season. Unfortunately, the dream of a quadruple might not be possible anymore. LFC faced off against Tottenham Hotspurs in their recent English Premier League encounter. Everybody hoped that Klopp’s boys would walk away with another victory pretty easily.

However, that was not the case. The Tottenham players displayed an organized football that prevented Liverpool from snatching the victory. It was one of the most frustrating games of the season as LFC needed to win the game badly. A loss means that Manchester City can now find themselves in a much better position for winning the Premiership. However, there were a few positive takeaways for Jurgen Klopp. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Liverpool Banking On Luiz Diaz 

Liverpool is looking to consolidate their team for the all-important finals. The team is scheduled to face off against a menacing Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

However, the game against Tottenham has given Jurgen Klopp one clear suggestion. Luis Diaz must start in the playing eleven against Real. 

While all other players struggled against Tottenham, Diaz looked the most comfortable on the pitch.

His movements were swift and subtle and looked threatening whenever he got the ball. Diaz is going through the form of his life. Liverpool must take full advantage and go for the kill.