Americans To Get Stimulus Checks Worth $400, Check If Your State Gets The Cash

Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed legislation to give struggling citizens $400 stimulus checks. He proposed an $18.1 billion inflation relief package to help battle rising prices in the state.

The governor announced the plan and suggested it would help offset rising gas prices.

Most of the money would go toward $400 checks for car owners, with those who own more than one car receiving up to $800, since the cap is two cars.

This plan also consisted of $750million allocated to provide residents with three months of free public transportation.

Latest News And Updates About Stimulus Checks

Residents of Dane County will also receive stimulus checks of $1,000.

Dane County employees may receive a one-time $1,000 payment to counteract rising inflation.

The plan was proposed by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and County supervisors will vote on the payments on Thursday.

The plan would cost $3million and the payments would be given to full-time and part-time county employees.

According to an article from, full-time county employees would get the full $1,000 payment while part-time employees would get prorated payments.

Iowa has also announced $25 million in federal aid. 

“This program underscores Iowa’s commitment to working families by putting child care where it’s convenient for parents, children, and employers,” Ms. Garcia added.

Governor Reynolds has directed state agencies to implement investing over $500million of state and federal funds to address the crisis.

Investments include the Child Care Challenge Fund grants, creating an estimated 9,000 new child care slots across the state, as well as the Child Care Stabilization Grants and Recruitment and Retention Bonuses for Child Care Workers.

The state will begin accepting applications on starting Friday, June 17th. Applications must be submitted by Monday, July 18th.

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