Dr. Anthony Fauci says Marlins’ virus outbreak could endanger MLB season

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has warned that Major League Baseball Season could be at risk due to the CoronaVirus outbreak in their clubhouse.

Fourteen members of the team – 12 players and 2 coaches – have tested positive for the virus. 

The Miami Marlins home opener against the Baltimore Orioles has also been postponed as the players are awaiting their test results.

The commissioner of the MLB Rob Manfred said on the MLB Network that if the “testing results are acceptable” the games will go on as planned. The MLB will however have to consider making changes to the season or shut it down if the league becomes a “health threat.”

The outbreak is also a bad omen for the NBA and the NHL who plan to resume their seasons in bubble environments.

Manfred also said that playing in bubble environments will be an issue for them since they have a larger number of players and longer game time unlike the NBA and the NHL.

Fauci truly believes that the MLB will do the right thing because “they’re conscientious enough and want to protect their players and the personnel.”