Nick Chubb Out Of Next Season With Knee Injury

Nick Chubb

It is another bad knee injury for Brown RB Nick Chubb. The significant injury will see him out of the NFL season, says coach Kevin Stefanski. The star RB was injured in the 2nd quarter on Monday as they lost 26-22 to Pittsburgh. It was a gut-wrenching premature end to Nick Chubb’s season and his knee was shredded. The most respected player in the locker room, and the team’s most committed, will have to sit out the rest of the season.

Chubb has been a constant for a team that is working hard to remain among the leading contenders for the top spot. It was his 6th NFL season. And it ended during the 2nd play early in the 2nd quarter. Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers safety came sliding in low with a tackle following a five-yard run. Nick Chubb took a direct hit and his legs buckled underneath.

Nick Chubb’s Injury Too Horrific To Be Telecast

A teammate tried to lift Nick Chubb, but he indicated that he could not get up, rolling over to one side. It was the same knee that suffered another major injury in 2015 when Nick Chubb was in college in Georgia. He had then suffered 3 torn ligaments and a major dislocation. The one on Monday night appeared to be just as horrific and severe.

Chubb lay in pain on the ground before being carted and later taken to a local hospital. Coach Stefanki did not have the specific nature of the injury suffered by Nick Chubb but said he was out for the season. EPSN initially was against replaying the terrible injury, but the cries from the fans at the stadium confirmed the horrific nature of his injury. Chubb was cheered as he was taken off of the field.

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