Drew McIntyre Shares Work Of Art

Drew McIntyre
WWE Fastlane 2021

The WWE roadshow has relocated to the United Kingdom. Cardiff has been designated as the venue for the Clash at the Castle, which is set to happen on Saturday (Sept 3). It is going to be WWE’s first pay-per-view in the United Kingdom since the 1992 SummerSlam. The Principality Stadium is expected to be packed.

Drew McIntyre To Host Main Event

Drew McIntyre will face Roman Reigns, the Undisputed Universal Champion in the main event. McIntyre has previously already been in the United Kingdom, where he offered a captivating piece of art. Scotland is his birthplace and has taken part in competitions all across the United Kingdom.

Drew McIntyre is the favorite to dethrone Roman Reigns during the televised bout, despite never defeating the title in a televised match. No one has been able to pin Reigns since his comeback at the 2020 SummerSlam, but he appears to be losing against McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre, twice WWE Champion, is widely favored to win both championships. If that doesn’t take place, he might leave with, at the very least, 1 championship. He’ll also have to be careful of Austin Theory.

The bearer of the briefcase in the Money in the Bank event missed out on his chance at the 2022 SummerSlam. As such, he will try again at Clash at the Castle.

The night will conclude with a match between Reigns and Drew. McIntyre hinted about reintroducing his previous theme music before the greatest match of his career.

There will undoubtedly be something special for his entry. A band is expected to be there to give a performance live. It is unknown if he will be the first to enter the ring or if it will be Reigns.

Unless a champion is up against Brock Lesnar, he enters last. When Lesnar is participating in a fight, though, this isn’t always the case. The WWE legend will not be present for Clash at the Castle.