Dwayne Johnson Shows Gratitude To Fans

Dwayne Johnson

After the failure of Black adam, Dwayne Johnson didn’t hold back his gratitude to let the fans know what actually he is capable of doing. Black Adam is a project of DC and he himself has always been a fan of DC and marvel. There won’t be any sequel to black adam. Faced negative criticism worldwide rather than positive ones.

Dwayne Johnson’s Proud Moment For Black Adam

In spite of all the negative comments and jokes circling around social media platforms, he took a moment to share his thoughts on social media. Thanked everyone for all the good and the bad, and also confirmed that there won’t is any sequel to this and that this isn’t also a part of a series. They have been working on this project for too long almost 15 years and that came out something different. And the audience took it some other ways.

They criticized and mocked. Some critics even pointed out Dwayne Johnson’s plastic acting and cheapness. The mode of delivery was totally different than anyone or the cast and crew expected. Along with Dwayne Johnson, Henry Cavill, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi also starred in this film and not to mention Pierce Brosnan.

Dwayne Johnson always tried to entertain his fans and the world, he has put his passion before anything, even during the shooting of his journey to the mysterious island he did many stunts without a stuntman, and was injured but didn’t stop working. He always has been dedicated to his passion.

He also shares a great bond with Gunn and Safran, who supported him thick and thin in his career, they are rooting for each other.

Later Henry Cavill’s news of retiring from DC has broken billion hearts.

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