The Win Of Liverpool Over Villa Came With Difficulty, But Should Further Matches Proceed?


On an evening, when the youngsters of Aston Villa were supposed to get demolished by the players of Liverpool, Aston Villa gave a hard time to the EPL champions of Jurgen Klopp before they eventually succumbed to the team’s quality. People shouldn’t get fooled by a 4-1 scoreline. Liverpool left the home stadium of Aston Villa having booked itself into the competition’s 4th round, after having to struggle and fight for the victory.

Even after battling uncertainty and unprecedented difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition FA Cup managed to lift the morale of football. It is a surprise that this tie took place amidst the background of a steep rise in Coronavirus infections, not only inside the game but also in the society of the UK. Just before the match started, the government of the UK announced COVID deaths of around 1,325 people and positive tests of around 68,053 over the last 24 hours which is a record high.

Liverpool Had To Play A Side Lacking It’s First-Team Squad

Steve Bruce, manager, Newcastle United said that it was morally wrong to continue football at a moment when the UK is going through a tough time and a severe health crisis while recording record-high positive cases within the game’s Coronavirus-secure bubble. On Thursday Villa was forced to playing against Liverpool without their whole first-team players, following fourteen positive cases during training. Nine of those numbers were players and five were coaching staff.

Due to the absence of Dean Smith, the isolating manager, Mark Delaney, coach of the youth-team led the side which had an age of slightly over eighteen years on average. Many people are questioning whether Aston Villa should have played Liverpool and whether the competition should have been compromised due to the disruptions caused by this pandemic. It really seems that cup romance would be taking the back seat in this season.